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SGC Project House 3 has initiated the Solarless "solar/green" remodel of a foreclosure home in a newer neighborhood of North Phoenix, Arizona. 

The project idea is to combine new technologies with older proven methods to provide less costly and more efficent use of energy and the green building lifestyle. 

SolarGreenCompany Solar Project House - 3

1. Replace origina inefficient Air Conditioning unit with a more efficient energy star rated Trane model heat pump. DONE
2. Replace leaky old windows with new energy star custom designed low e windows to assure less solar gain, less heat/cooling loss, natural venting and plenty of natural lighting during the day.
3. Replace non-recyclable flooring with sustainable materials. DONE
4. Replaced all old appliances with Energy Star Rated units. DONE
5. Install blown in insulation to an R rating of 49. Cap all can lights, reinstall loose insulation batts, seal all leaks into the living area, and insulate and seal the attic hatch. DONE
6. Replace barren landscaping with heat absorbing and natural shading grass, trees, and vines. DONE
7. Use of recycled materials such as tile, cabinets and wood products. DONE
8. Replace traditional light bulbs with the new LED's. DONE
9. Install point of use water heater to reduce water waste.
10. Replace existing inefficient tank water heater with new GE Hybrid Heat Pump unit.  DONE

We are monitoring the measurable additions to see exactly how much energy and money can be saved by our installations.

Please check back to see our progress and savings details.

Artificial Shading to cut down on Solar Gain. Before and after with RYStevens Custom Designed aluminum patio cover:

Before and after attic insulation added to bring the total up to an R-49 with blown-in cellulose.  Sealing gaps and boxing can lights to enhance the thermal envelope:

Replacing outdated, high cost, AC unit with a new Trane high efficiency Energy Star rated heat pump (and stuccoing the wall).  Who has the best AC units?  Write me to find out:

Efficient use of existing space.  Before and after installation of a storage bench seat to replace a useless hole in the wall:

Before and after replacement of the Energy Star $400 per year rated water heater with the new GE $200 per year Energy Star rated Heat Pump Water Heater.  What to know how well it works?  Ask me:

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"Because It's The Right Thing To Do"

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