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SGC Project House 2 has completed the "green" remodel of a first time home-buyer home in working class neighborhood of NW Phoenix, Arizona.  This home may be the first green model designed for rental.  It was leased at a premium to surround rental homes because of the solar on February 1, 2010.

The project combines new technologies with older proven methods to provide less costly and more efficent alternative energy and green building lifestyle.  Providing a better way way to live in just 10 easy steps and without enormous cost.

SolarGreenCompany Solar Project House - 2

1. Replace inefficient Air Conditioning unit with a more efficient energy star model. DONE
2. Replace leaky old windows with new energy star custom designed windows to assure less solar gain, less heat/cooling loss, natural venting and plenty of natural lighting during the day.
3. Replace non-recyclable flooring with sustainable materials. DONE
4. Replaced all old appliances with Energy Star Rated units. DONE
5. Replace old attic venting with new solar powered attic ven and whirlybird. DONE
6. Replace barren landscaping with heat absorbing and shading grass, trees, and vines. DONE
7. Use of recycled materials such as tile, cabinets and wood products. DONE
8. Replace traditional light bulbs with the new CFLs and LED's. DONE
9. Insulate - Insulated and Insulate.
10. Replace existing inefficient water heater with a Solar Water Heater. DONE

We are monitoring the measurable additions to see exactly how much energy and money can be saved by our installations.

Please check back to see our progress and savings details.

Artificial Shading to cut down on Solar Gain:

HelioDyne Solar Hot Water and Foliage Screened Parking Area:

Natural Shade on East and West sides to lessen Solar Gain:

Increased Natural Light with strategic window placement in Living Room and Garage:

High Efficiency Recirculating AC and use of scrap tile and materials:

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"Because It's The Right Thing To Do"

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