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Climate Sheds
Climate Sheds - Prefabricated, Modular, and
Temperature Controlled Storage Sheds

Custom designed and built sheds for your every need.  

These structures can be: "Heated with a candle and cooled with an ice cube"TM.  An excellent way to store your temperature sensitive stuff.

The family of structure includes: The Heater Shed, The Cooler Shed, and the Climate Shed.  All designed and built with your specific needs in mind.

Built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), the structure assembles in a matter of hours.       

Super Energy Efficient  - Structural Insulated Panel Construction

Available in many sizes and diameters

Priced less than than you might think.  Contact us and we'll design and build one just for you.

Would you like us to design a climate controlled storage shed, cabin or small/large building made out of Structural Insulated Panels?

Climate Shed - heated and cooled.

Heater Shed - heated.

Cooler Shed - cooled.

Please fill out the form below and let us know:

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"Because It's The Right Thing To Do"

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